Our aim is to give you the highest quality services at all times. However, if you have a complaint, you are invited to let us know as soon as possible. This Dispute and Grievances Policy aims to provide a structured approach to resolving complaints and disputes that is fair and equitable, and that will lead to solutions that are acceptable according to terms and conditions and prevailing laws of the land. Users should remember that Khalti will not entertain any report made against any activities which are being performed against our terms and conditions or other activities deemed to be illegal by the regulating government bodies and laws.

Purpose of Policy

The purpose of this Policy is to outline a set of procedures to effectively and fairly respond to complaints and disputes in a professional and timely manner. This policy helps to provide a process for handling and resolution of complaints and disputes between Khalti users and other stakeholders. The objective of this policy is to record, action and resolve the complaints and disputes. To provide solution to the complaints of the user and if dissatisfied with a decision made then referral to an external proceed for resolution of their complaints according to Nepalese law.

Limitation to Complaints

  1. Users must transfer funds or make payment to the trusted merchants or contacts only. In case the receiver of an unauthorized merchant of Khalti refuses to provide you the goods or services as promised to you for the transaction you made, Khalti won’t be liable for such funds transferred to unauthorized merchants for goods or services.

  2. Khalti won’t hear any dispute or any complaint of fund transfer or any transaction which has been received or made as result of being involved in illegal activities or transaction made against the prevailing laws of Nepal like but not limited to betting/gamblings, receiving gift cards, unknown cash, cryptocurrencies, illegal gaming site, foreign currencies, etc. which are considered as illegal in Nepal.

  3. Please note that for all issues/complaints/disputes aroused by user Khalti won't be liable. Only genuine complaints or disputes will be entertained by us. Some of the complaints or dispute on which Khalti will be liable to hear but not limited to are,

  4. Issues related to our authorized merchants or vendors
  5. Complaints received routed from government organizations, banking and financial institutions licensed under NRB
  6. Fraud and Scam activities which are not suspicious of any illegal activities or resulted by involving in illegal activities.

Similarly ,Complaints or Disputes which will not be entertained by us but not limited to are, - Issue involved in illegal activities like betting, gambling, foreign currencies etc., - Mistakenly fund transfer to wrong Khalti users by user’s recklessness or negligence. - Fund transferred to unauthorized merchants for goods or services and denial of refund of those goods or services by such merchants.

  1. Khalti has a feature for double verification to send your money or load any funds to your account so any funds which are sent mistakenly to another user of Khalti can’t be reverted back, as it’s your own liability to confirm it before making any transaction. The procedure to send money through khalti is that you enter the Receiver's Khalti ID, fill the amount and after filling the form the receiver’s name along with photo will be displayed in your device and hence, after confirmation you can send such amount to the receiver.

  2. If any user is suspected for any transaction relating to any dispute aroused against terms and conditions, policies and prevailing laws of land then Khalti may verify such user details by asking such user to send a picture of himself or herself holding citizenship or Id verified by Government of Nepal.

  3. In case of a Fraud/Scam occurring by your Khalti account you must fulfill our legal procedure by kindly complaining it to the nearest police station or cyber bureau. After getting a written application for such fraud or scam Khalti will act as per instructions given by such respective government authority.

Procedure to File a Complaints

One should strictly follow and fulfill the following procedure to file any complaint against any person or for any kind of dispute arising from your Khalti account

  1. At first, the user must drop a mail at for the dispute or complaints which have occurred with details of his/her Khalti ID, disputable amount, date of such transaction, party involved in such transactions along with such person details as far as possible, user’s contact number, Id of social sites of such person facebook or instagram account, screenshots and others as per availability. Provided that, Khalti will only accept those disputes which have been submitted via physical delivery of hard copy or soft copy through mail which must be written. For those who file complaints through calls to the support teams of Khalti regarding any dispute, our support team will ask the user to submit it according to the procedure i.e. through mail or physical delivery of written complaints. Any information regarding complaints submitted must be correct; anyone submitting false complaints will be liable for damages.

  2. One must Complain for the disputable transaction within 30 days of occurrence of such transaction. After the time limits exceed, Khalti won't be liable to hear and resolve such disputable claims.

  3. To claim possession or mentioning that you are claiming such possession then you will be fully responsible for the liability that may arise in future for such a claim.Submission of Dispute or complaints must include following documents:

  4. Attachment of one’s citizenship or any other ID which is considered valid by the Government of Nepal
  5. A handwritten letter including their name, address, phone number, citizenship number, signature
  6. In case of suspicious activities considered to be fraudulent or illegal as per Nepalese law, the letter of concerned government bodies or regulatory bodies for such action not being involved in said illegal activities.

  7. Before solving any claim or dispute or complaints received by the user, Khalti will always review, verify and check all the supporting documents provided by you for such complaints. Also, Khalti will contact the parties involved in such dispute or complaints received and try to solve it amicably as far as possible, check/monitor the parties transactions and if any suspicious transaction is found to be done then can also restrict the fund flow through his/her wallet.

  8. Khalti might need at least 20-25 days to investigate the complaints, come to an outcome and finalize the decision and release the fund of such a disputable transaction. In some complex cases it may take a few more days, which will be informed to such a user in his/her mailing address or whichever is applicable.

  9. After evaluating the evidence dispute will be settled for those transactions carried out as per laws, policy and terms and conditions. But for those suspicious actions which seem to be performed against prevalent laws and if one cannot prove that such action carried out of his/her Khalti account is as per law within 35 days of time period. If such user could not prove such a suspicious transaction to be legally valid by bringing the letter of approval from the regulatory authority of Nepal Government within the specified time period mentioned then he/she should provide evidence for not being able to prove such actions within time period with reasonable ground otherwise, such user’s balance will be held and used for CSR purposes. Also, for such users according to severity of action performed by them may be permanently or temporarily terminated from using Khalti services again.

    Our company recognizes that resolving disputes is a sensitive matter and strives to approach it with the utmost professionalism and fairness. We understand that not all complainants will find our decisions satisfactory or adequate. Therefore, in the event that a complainant is not satisfied with our decision, we encourage them to escalate their complaint through the official complaint portal of Nepal Rastra Bank (
    We believe that open communication and transparency are crucial in handling disputes, and we are committed to maintaining a respectful and empathetic approach throughout the process. We understand that resolving disputes is a collaborative effort, and we are dedicated to working with complainants to reach a satisfactory resolution.

   Last Updated: 18th Falgun, 2079

Last updated on Aug. 17, 2023